Welcome to Crigg


As most of you will be aware the closure of Lupset Lodge WMC had left Crigglestone Theatre Company homeless. It took no time at all for the committee to get straight down to business finding the society a new place to operate from. We wanted to find somewhere that offered us all the benefits we'd had a Lupset - a rehearsal space for both kids and adults, a performance space for both the kids and adults, a place to hold social events and a place to host committee meetings.

So it's with the greatest pleasure that I can, on behalf of the committee, announce that Crigg are going home! Crigglestone Working Men's Club on Crigglestone High Street have welcomed us with open arms and offered us their club for rehearsals, performances and meetings. There is also a sizeable private car park to the rear of the club (be aware it's a one-way system.

We will therefore be kicking off our new relationship with Crigg Club with our first full Pantomime rehearsal this coming Monday night (22nd) at 7.30pm. The Kids will start back on Monday 5th September, 6pm. This will also be our venue for the Kids Jungle Book performances (tickets already booked will be transferred) and for Jack & The Beanstalk too.

With all these changes that have already taken place and some exciting changes we would like you to know about for the future, we will be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting on Monday 19th September 7pm. It will be a fantastic opportunity for members past and present to visit Crigg Club, so make sure you spread the word.

Here's to a very exciting new era for Crigg!